There are things you take into consideration when you’re eating out.

I do too.

I usually got to restaurants during the week. Fridays and Saturdays are more crowded, the service quality decreases and I get annoyed.

If I’m going to have fish, I want a fish that has its eyebrows and eyes. That means I want a whole fish; with its tail and head intact. I don’t eat chopped fish or fish swimming in sauce. They might be stale. Of course it’s not possible to find a whole fish in all establishments. Then I prefer meat or vegetables.

In ordinary restaurants, I stay away from the Chef’s Specialty. The chef could have prepared a specialty from stale ingredients. I try to order the most popular dishes.

I don’t eat clams everywhere. And I don’t eat raw salad also. The salad we eat at home is washed 4-5 times before it reaches the table. I could pass eating it outside.

I don’t like Sunday brunches for two reasons. First of all, I drink Sundays afternoons and them go to bed. That is my way of spending my day off for years. There’s usually no booze during brunches. Even if there is, you won’t enjoy it with all the kids running around. That is why I prefer restaurants by the sea or garden restaurants instead of places that serve brunch on Sundays. Secondly, I eat very little and brunch buffets are very rich. Either I eat too much in order not to pass up on stuff or pay too much for things I didn’t eat.

Navio at Ritz Carlton on Half Moon Bay is the exception to my no brunch rule

Ritz Carlton, 1-2 hours to the south of San Francisco is a luxurious and expensive hotel above the ocean. There are villas next to it. Rich people who don’t like the crowdedness of the hotel and crowded families stay at these villas.

We could only afford the brunch at Navio.

The brunch was also expensive compared to its counterparts but it was worth it. I have never seen such a rich selection that included black and red caviar and the most unique seafood.

It was impossible to ignore the very rich and elite menu. Usually I start my Sunday lunch with a peeled tomato, some feta cheese or pecorino Romano and finish with grilled meat or whole fish, some fruit and a couple of drinks.

With Navio, I didn’t stand a chance. Brunch that began with caviar and champagne, continued with Far Eastern cuisine and ended with chocolate cake and Chateau d’Yquem.

A walk on the small beach among cliffs chastised by the ocean felt great.

I wish it was possible to swim here.

Well, it would have been the Mediterranean then.

If it would have been possible, it would’ve been worth applying for a Green Card, even though the President opposed it!