When my mother raised me, she didn’t let me do housework or teach me how to cook. Instead, she merely provided this instruction: “You’ll do these anyway for the rest of your life after you’re married, so relax now and enjoy your youth.”

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I was lucky in two ways when I got married.

First of all, my mother-in-law was a cooking instructor. I learned the basics from her, and I looked up recipes in her cookbooks.

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Second, my husband supported me from day one. He ignored over or undercooked dishes, food that came with too much or not enough sugar or salt. He never complained about my cooking. On the contrary, he treated me like a “big chef.” He still does. Even though I don’t deserve the title, I try to do my best assiduously, in good faith.

My dishes have two basic characteristics: simplicity and freshness.

In fact, my dishes are not so different than the food cooked in every home. These are mainly home-cooked dishes from the Mediterranean kitchen.

Since I’m not a professional chef, I don’t tend to focus on serving up creative dishes. I don’t deviate from the basics with various experiments. I’m not looking to learn different techniques, and I don’t care much about decoration.

I interpret the things I see and read about in accordance with my culinary experiences and apply them.

I believe in the virtue of simplicity.

And as for freshness, even if it’s your favorite fish, it won’t mean much to you if it isn’t fresh.

The freshness of every ingredient you use in your cooking is the cornerstone of a savory meal.

I try to cook whatever’s fresh. I’m also careful about using healthy ingredients.

I take care to balance vegetables, protein and carbohydrates, but that doesn’t stop us from trying different things from time to time.

We eat almost everything – but in moderation. We don’t abstain from eating different things, but we also believe in balance.

When this is the case, people enjoy my cooking.

It’s as simple as that!