Do you prefer delicious or healthy food?

I started writing this blog in 2016; at the time, my wife and I were 70 years old.

Apart from the odd cold here and there, we – knock on wood – haven’t suffered any illnesses until this point.

We’re indebted to a number of things that have made this possible: before anything else, let me share them with you.

Based on my own personal experiences and appraisals, I reckon we owe a big debt of gratitude to these factors for our heretofore healthy life:

  1. Eating healthily;
  2. Sleeping well;
  3. Not worrying;
  4. Keeping up with health checks;
  5. Getting fresh air;
  6. Being active.

As you can see, eating healthily tops the list.

How have we eaten?

By eating everything! Yes, it’s true, by eating everything and not denying ourselves anything!
….Albeit by eating while not overdoing it or going over the limit.

That’s the extent of our secret to eating healthily!

Taking advantage of the region in which we live, we primarily opt to stock our kitchen with herbs, vegetables, fruit and fish when they’re fresh.

We’ve never gone in for the fads that hype up ever-changing and frequently mutually contradictory medical recommendations on food products and nutrition. We’ve also eschewed the news stories on food under the sway of various lobbies. (Allow me to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this blog is independent and closed to sponsors.) In our family, we’ve eaten whatever the ones who’ve gone before us have eaten. Occasionally, we’ve consumed pastries, smoked meat products, all types of cakes and chips, while also imbibing all manners of alcohol.
…With a single proviso: By not overdoing it!

I asked my wife to share her recipes on this blog because it offered a space for something other than the recipes that are on every food and restaurant blog; on this site, there was a reason we were only going to include the food that we cook in our home and the recipes that saw us healthily through to our seventies. Moreover, I said that these dishes were absolutely delectable, noting that I’ve enjoyed having them for close to half the past century and could continue to do for the same duration in the future.

My wife first acted coyly before jumping diving right in…

Over to you, Nurdan Tanör.